Voice Thread Practice/Exposure

Unit 2 Essential Question on Culture - VoiceThread Project

Tuesday's Homework:
  1. Sign up for a VoiceThread account
  2. View my very cheesy VoiceThread (by clicking on the link below), but please make thoughtful comments on the final slide in response to the essential question.
Schafer's Sample VoiceThread
3. Take time, after you have commented on the essential question, to explore VoiceThread!
4. Please access your school Google account and make sure that you received the document I shared with you. You will use this
document to link your VoiceThread.

Wednesday's Homework:
Click on the link to view/hear popular "This I Believe" essays.
Choose 1 to listen to.
Record title.
Write an essential question for the essay. (If he/she were answering an essential question, what would that essential question be?

Class VoiceThreads

I will paste the google document here with all the links. For an exemplary score sharing, embed your VoiceThread here!